Forest From The Trees


It’s been awhile since my last post but it’s only been this blog that’s been ignored. I’ve had the opportunity to make some decent progress on the layout and it’s only when I look at my previous post that I realize the amount of progress made and / or rather the lack of updates I’ve been making on this site. With the majority of the grass successfully laid on the layout, I’ve been able to now turn my attention to trees and other more interesting pieces of landscaping. I’ve been successful at saving my trees (talk about conservation!!!) from my previous layouts and thus saving some money in the process and was surprised that I had well over 150 trees, without counting the new ones still in packaging. Now this probably means nothing to model railroaders who model in HO, G and even N; but for Z gauge; 150 trees is a lot! At least for me. So here some photos to show part of the lineup of trees, together with the Christmas forest area that was first to go up on the layout. I’m pretty happy with how that’s turned out together with the rocks and castle.

L1110368 L1120138 L1120139 L1120141 L1120140 L1120142

Also a sneak peak at a new (and the only unfinished) area at one corner of my layout which was heat soldered to make two nice hollow shapes for a pond / lake / water feature. This photo shows the area already painted in with the default grey paint that came with the water kit. As I write this, this whole area is actually finished, with added figures and scenery – just haven’t had the time to take photos yet. That’s for the next post.



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